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This Little Eastside Cottage Looks Like Kind of a Sweet Deal

Though not necessarily a steal

A buyer will get just 580 square feet of house if they pay the asking price ($259,000) for this renovated Central East Austin home, built in 1937. Those who want to walk the walk of simpler living in small, beautiful spaces, though, might find it right up their alleys.

The renovation job, for one, is well-executed, especially for fans of reclaimed wood and partially stripped panel doors (we're out here). The lush-looking backyard is large, especially in proportion to the house, and the property is on a quiet part of East 11th Street (it looks pretty close to the train tracks, but there are few houses between).

The two-bedroom, one-bathroom house has a laundry room and what looks like a fairly new porch, along with a storage shed, a fire pit, and existing garden beds. Which makes it seem not really that small at all.

2506 East 11th Street [Redfin]