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Austin Mayor Adler Wants Us All to Leave Our Cars at Home on May 11

Capital Metro buses and trains will be free—just don't let him catch you using Uber

Inspired by the (relative) lack of traffic problems that occurred when he asked Austinites to work from home on the day President Barack Obama was in town this March, Mayor Steve Adler is asking workers to do the same on Wednesday, May 11.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, among other sources, Capital Metro bus and train services will be free that day, and Adler encourages commuters to use means other than single-passenger cars to get around—including the bus, the train, carpooling, walking, biking, maybe Segways?

Adler's logic, the Statesman reports, is that if we can do it for the president, we can do it for ourselves—"it" presumably meaning telecommuting or using alternative transportation.

Of course, no civic effort comes without a marketing campaign, and this one is being coordinated by local ad agency GSD&M, under the slogan "Austin Don't Rush" (commas, anyone?).

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