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Bungalow on Tree-Covered Lot Among Older Homes Asks $335K

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Custom new build in East Austin fits neighborhood scale and look, though not necessarily budgets

A two-bedroom, two-bathroom home in East Austin on the market for more than $300,000 isn't exactly a shocker.

This detached condo, a custom job by Performance Builder, has some notable qualities that make it different. The biggest is that it's located in an older, traditional neighborhood east of Springdale—farther east than the central boom area, where outsized infill has taken out or overwhelmed older homes in many cases, but not so far as to be a part of new developments where this kind of building is more common.

It's modest at 1,100 square feet, though, and set back on its shade-covered lot. The design looks winning—especially as it includes a deck and studio—and seems to lend itself to creative activity, peace and quiet, or both.

1116 Saucedo Street [Redfin]