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City Considers Parks and Skyscrapers for South Lakeshore

Plan would increase building heights and green space south of the river

In a work session Tuesday, Austin planner Alan Holt presented the City Council with an updated scenario for the South Central Waterfront Initiative—its attempt to bring a coherent vision to development of the south shore of Lady Bird Lake—the Austin American-Statesman's Shonda Novak reported this afternoon.

The plan, Novak writes, is to unify 33 parcels of land along the south lakefront (including the newspaper's current site) with a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly area that includes lots of green space.

The scenario Holt presented also contains more than few very tall buildings that the article points out are taller than any of the structures currently on the river's south shore.

According to one Bouldin resident who spoke at the meeting, central neighborhoods in the area under consideration are concerned that downtown will cross over the river and move into established residential areas there, Novak reported.

The city's tax revenue from the area would increase dramatically under at least one development scenario, Novak added.

Lady Bird Lake

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