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Improbable Local Sports Facilities Are Booming, for Some Reason

Pond Hockey Club plans major expansion

If the recently opened rock-climbing facility and the (eventually, probably) upcoming new surf park are any indication, there's a strong sentiment afoot that Austin needs world-class, non-major-league sports facilities to be a world-class city.

The newest in the pipeline (not a surf park reference, sorry), according to the Austin Business Journal, is a Pond Hockey Club expansion that would result in one of the state's largest hockey facilities.

The business already has a facility in north Austin (who knew?), the Journal reports, but is now planning a 25,000 square-foot-expansion that includes adding a rink that is large enough for USA Hockey tournaments. The addition of four locker rooms and additional practice and spectator space is also part of the plan, ABJ noted.

Side note: The current Pond facility, which features a vintage-style marquee logo on the wall, mod pendant lamps, and Barcelona-style chairs in its lounge/viewing area, might or might not indicate something about Peak Design in Austin.

Austin may soon host a Texas-size ice hockey center [Austin Business Journal]

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The Pond Hockey Club

9402 B United Dr Unit B, Austin, TX 78758