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Following Store Razing, Vulcan Video to Reopen Farther South

Landmark Austin business relocating to Ben White shopping center

Fans and patrons of Vulcan Video, the longtime Austin video rental store, were stunned and unhappy this past winter to find the building on it former Elizabeth Street site off South Congress unceremoniously razed.

Vulcan was a vanguard from the time it opened in the 1980s, offering arthouse films and other obscurities not widely available on VHS at the time. It continued to thrive in the new millennium, staying loyal to the VHS format as technology changed.

At the time the Elizabeth store was razed, Vulcan had two outlets; the one on North Loop remained and remains open.

It seemed to be thriving it its niche market—specializing more and more in the kinds of obscurities local film geeks can't seem to get enough of—and Matthew McConaughey even starred in comic commercial for the business.

Today the Austin Business Journal brings news that the store has rented a 4,400-square-foot space at Southwood Shopping Center on Ben White Boulevard. There's no word yet on when the store will open, but no doubt it will continue to wave its VHS flag proudly.

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