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New Contemporary Home in Hills of Westlake Is an Instant Classic

Beautifully sited Trail of the Madrones house by Erik Gonzalez asking $1.87M

Sometimes, the right combination of concrete, glass, and setting make one truly appreciate the serenity that comes with simple. Or seemingly simple, anyway.

This 3,536-square-foot home is local architect Erik Gonzalez's take on modern, and it has some trademarks of what could be called "Austin modern"—namely, a focus on honest materials, sometimes in their rougher forms. That only serves to emphasize the clean spareness of the rooms and the stunning views.

The four-bedroom, four-bathroom house is well-sited on a large lot, cantilevered over understated landscaping that complements the peaceful, contemplative vibe.

2510 Trail Of Madrones [Modern Austin]