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Neighborhood Market Watch: What It Costs to Buy in East Cesar Chavez Right Now

Definitely more than it did in March

In an ongoing series for Curbed Austin, real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX is taking a close look at sales price ranges in different neighborhoods.

This installation is an update from a similar study the group did of the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood in March. As we noted then: The East Cesar Chavez neighborhood—bounded on the north by East Seventh Street, I-35 to the West, Chicon Street to the east, and the river on the south—has for years been a locus and a flashpoint for civic conversations around gentrification, and ethnic displacement in particular.

In May, the average listing price in East Cesar Chavez is $444/square foot, and the individual properties that make up this average range from $302/square foot (1109 Holly Street Unit A) to $625/square foot (1510 East Second Street).

The average listing price for the neighborhood is higher than it was in March, when it was $396/square foot. Prices for individual listings, however, changed less, especially on the low end; in March, they ranged from $300 to $547/square foot.

[NeighborhoodX notes: Our analysis excludes properties that are positioned as development sites, such as small fixer-upper houses on large parcels of land. At first glance, the listing price works out to a very high price per square foot given the small size of the actual building. But what is really being reflected in the price is the land and the development potential. Our analysis excludes these listings so as to focus on comparable, built properties across neighborhoods.]

You can study NeighborhoodX's full, interactive chart at the first link below.

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