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A Scandinavian-Style Duplex in Crestview Will Cost You $850,000

Never mind the IKEA, here's the rental income

The listing calls this 2,022-square-foot duplex calls it "German Prefab Inspired," which probably means it's not really prefab but aspired to be. It's also designed in a clean Scandinavian style (the slightly less minimalist American version), so let's just call it a United Nation of inspiration.

In any case, it's pretty great. Look past the slightly IKEA blue of the door (which matches the sky in these pictures, so the megastore is probably not to blame), and one finds efficiently-designed units with lots of storage and contemporary style. Materials include custom cherrywood cabinets and Vermont slate flooring.

Sliding-glass doors lead to a small but striking porch and backyard area, which looks like an inventive solution to a limited-space issue and creates flow throughout each unit. Each unit has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

1918 West Saint Johns Avenue [Skout]