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The Brightest House on the Block in Agave Development Asks $365K

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Two-story designs by FAB architecture firm create unique planned community

Would this home be as fetching if it weren't bright red? It's a moot point, really, as it's part of the unique Agave development in East Austin, where the theme seems to be "brightly colored houses with intriguing design elements." It's also designed by FAB (For a Better Architecture), one the many interesting houses they've come up with for the planned community, so it's bound to be special, no matter the color.

There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms in its 1,490 square feet; high, vaulted ceilings make it look more spacious. Floors are polished concrete downstairs and bamboo upstairs. There's a porch downstairs and a balcony off the master bedroom upstairs for viewing what for now is a lot of surrounding greenery.

5533 Agatha Circle [Estately]

Agave website

FAB website