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Take a Look Inside Favor's Shiny, Happy New Headquarters

Local, app-based delivery business reveals bright new digs

Some app-based businesses have taken it on the chin in Austin lately (i.e., ride- and home-sharing companies such as Uber and AirBnB, if you somehow missed it). Not so Favor, the Austin-based delivery service. Not only has it increased its number of employees to about 120, it also just moved its headquarters to a space that's triple the size of its predecessor.

The company's new space is at 1705 Guadalupe Street, convenient to the University of Texas campus, where presumably many of its customers and runners reside.

Favor's former headquarters, at 1611 West Sixth Street, measured 4,000 square feet. The new space has 12,000.

The new offices were designed by Favor's own creative team, and are about as bright and chipper as you would expect those of a tech business based on personal service to be. According to a Favor spokesperson, the company wanted the design to make employees to feel like they are working "inside" the brand. (Probably not like in Tron, but we're just guessing.)

Meeting rooms and common areas are named after such famous personal assistants such as Jeeves, R2D2, and Siri, which is kind of cute.

The space features a couple of murals. One depicts the history and presumed future of Favor, designed and hand-painted by members of its creative team. Austin graffiti artist Truth (Michael Johnston) added a collaborative mural in tribute to Favor runners as well.

Favor calls the design "70s-inspired," to which the (possibly macrame) plant hangers and fluourescent colors can certainly attest.

Employees helped were involved in furniture selection and design; they also control the Spotify playlist in the office, according to the company.