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Neighborhood Market Watch Update: What It Costs to Buy in West University Right Now

Average asking price per square foot drops slightly, but the highs get higher

In an ongoing series for Curbed Austin, real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX is taking a close look at sales price ranges in different neighborhoods. Today, they've updated their April analysis of asking prices in West University—a UT-adjacent neighborhood that includes the traditional West Campus area (UT to the east, North Lamar Boulevard to the west, starting at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on the south) but extends north to West 38th Street.

The average asking price in the neighborhood is $321/square foot, but the individual property prices that make up that average range from $237/square foot (2220 Leon Street #103, a tiny property that has been featured on our Tiniest Condos in Austin list) to $509/square foot (702 West 31st Street).

For a month-over-month comparison from their April analysis: the average listing asking price then was $319/square foot, while the individual properties ranged from $237/square foot to $485/square foot (with that same tiny condo bringing up the bottom bracket last month).

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