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Ready Your Sledgehammers (or Browsers)—Curbed Renovation Week Is On

We have before, after, and in-between photos for you, all week long


We'll let you decide whether Curbed Austin is a fixer-upper or just needs some spiffing up here and there. Either way, this week we—along with all the Curbed sites across the country—will be focusing on renovation of all kinds.


For Curbed Austin, this means you'll see stories on uniquely renovated homes all over the city; updates on big civic, cultural, and public building renovations; fun with parks and rec (and festivals); enticing fixer-uppers; and, if we get ambitious, maybe we'll broach a knotty topic like new urbanism or what renovating the low-income Rosewood Courts housing complex will mean.

If any of that sounds exciting (and how could it not?), look for the Renovation Week logo; it'll be popping up a lot this week.