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Austin Tech Leaders Move on From Uber, Lyft With New Ridesharing Company

Tech leaders launch nonprofit RideAustin, which hopes to be in service next month

Before Austin's recent Prop. 1 vote was even tallied and Uber and Lyft departed the city, there was already talk of what companies might be able to replace them. Dallas-based app GetMe was already waiting in the wings and in operation, though, like most startups, there were some rough edges. Fare, operated by Phoenix-based transportation network company Ride Fare, was on the verge of being waved in by the Austin Transportation Department on Friday, according to the Austin Business Journal.

At last week's Austin City Council meeting, ridesharing co-op ATX Co-op Taxi got a first-reading approval on its franchise request. Also last week, Wingz announced it is launching a Beta service in Austin that operates somewhat like a private car service, but goes beyond the scope of airport transportation, with which that company has so far been identified.

Now the Austin Business Journal has announced the creation of RideAustin, a new transportation network company—this one nonprofit—headed up by tech leaders Joe Liemandt of Trilogy and Andy Tryba of Crossover Markets and boasting a roster of local heavy hitters in the industry backing it.

The Journal reported that the company already has an iTunes app ready and looks to finish its Android app and start service in downtown and at the airport in mid-June. Leaders hope a nonprofit model will allow drivers to make more money and customers to contribute some of their fares to charity, ABJ reported, adding that the company says it will comply with current Austin TNC laws.

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