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This $13.8M Lake Austin Estate Absolutely Does Not Skimp on the Guitars

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Other luxury touches include a helipad with portable hangar and a new elevator

It's not uncommon for Austin homes to be staged with guitars, in a nod to that whole "Live Music Capital of the World" thing we keep harping on. We've even done a little photo feature on that phenomenon before. This nine-bedroom, 12-bathroom, 19,782-square-foot mansion, however, puts a super-luxury, not-at-all-casual twist on the practice.

We should probably note that this beyond-lavish home is located on 10.35 acres, a good deal of which fronts Lake Austin, across from the Balcones Preserve. The whole thing is gated and has a grand foyer with muraled, golden-leaved ceiling and elaborate, undulating twin staircases. It goes on in high-mansion fashion, from lavish window treatment to dark-paneled closet with seating area to infinity pool with swim-up bar, HeliHanger with portable helipad, boat dock, private boat ramp, guest casita, and so on.

The only thing we see, though—the most all-in Austin-cred pitch ever—is the purple bedroom suite with matching niches on each side of the bed, containing (silver? glass? crystal? pewter?) guitars behind glass. They are specific models real musicians could probably identify, and a few more nonsilver ones hanging in what looks like a music room, along with a grand or baby grand piano here or there. Hopefully, all of that conveys.

12021 Selma Hughes Park Road [Realty Austin]