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This Hilltop Bunker Is the Perfect Place to Plan Your Evil Empire

At $1.09M, it seems like a pretty good deal on a Hill Country getaway/lair

If you're the type of villain who likes to hide in plain sight, this might be the vacation home/HQ for you. With 4,530 square feet composed almost entirely of concrete and glass, four bedrooms, and hilltop location from which a kingdom could be defended, it's surely someone's Brutalist vacation dream home or remote office (though you would have to change out the (Home-Depot-sourced?) front door to complete the look).

The getaway/hideaway is located on 42 acres of Hill Country in Leakey, Texas, less than three hours from Austin by car (or you can fly your private/spy plane to the county airport 10 minutes away).

The fortress needs to be finished out, so right now the interior staging gives it a slight Manson-Family-squat vibe. But we're sure that under the right designer's firm direction, it can become a dream of relaxing efficiency—including energy efficiency!—and ruthless vacationing.

Contemporary Gem on 42+/- Acres [Kuper Sotheby's International Realty]

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