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Austin Ranks No. 5 in List of Hot Cities Attracting New Residents in Droves

People? They're still moving here.

It's not first on the list, but a picture of Austin (well, the Capitol building) is right there, front and center, on a new report ranking "hot spots" where Americans are moving right now. (Actually, it's calling our city one of the "new" hot spots, which, okay, let's just pretend to forget the past decade or so of explosive growth that seems more old than new at this point.)

Austin ranks number five, in case you were wondering—behind Tampa, Fla., Jacksonville, Fla., Charlotte, N.C., and good ol' San Antonio, Texas. That's a list of cities gaining the most residents, which the study ties to median home prices ($399,000 for Austin—on the list, only No. 10 Portland's is higher, at $499,000) and unemployment rate (ours is 3.1%, lowest on the list).

The study also includes a chart of the 10 cities losing the most people right now (New York City being No. 1, joined by mostly other large cities east, west, and mid—notso much south) and a confusing map with a lot of arrows meant to demonstrate the biggest comings and goings of more than 100 miles.

There is also the inevitable millennials chart, which has Austin second-to-last of the top 10 hot spots for attracting members of that age cohort. At the top? San Antonio, of course. It's a taco thing; you wouldn't understand.

The New Hot Spots Where Americans Are Moving Right Now []