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The Austonian's Two-Story Penthouse Will Rise Above Us All

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Sparkling, glass-walled $30M luxury home will biggest, and highest, of its type in Austin

Condos in the Austonian turn up regularly on our weekly lists of the most expensive homes sold in Austin. They're luxurious places, true, but we also know that the premium people will pay rises along with a building's floor numbers—especially when the views are spectacular.

Soon, some lucky (and wealthy) citizen will have a chance to purchase the view of all views, from the top of Austin's tallest building (at least until the Independent is finished). Today we saw new renderings for the Austonian’s planned, two-story double penthouse.

Designed by Austin's Ryan Street, the project combines the top two residential floors of the building to create quite the glittery, glass-walled luxury pad—at more that 16,000 square feet, the biggest one in Austin.

The completed penthouse will cost $30 million and will be finished out with the input of the buyer after it is sold.

The penthouse’s second floor entertaining space is a north-facing room with a long view that includes a full panorama of the Hill Country and the Capitol building. Plus a rather large wine rack.

The lower-level kitchen keeps things relatively clean and simple to emphasize views overlooking the rest of downtown Austin.

The master bedroom with balcony on the south side of the building looks like it could cause words to fail some. As will the marble-floored master bathroom.

The Austonian

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