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Neighborhood Market Watch: What It Costs to Buy in Barton Hills Right Now

The central Austin area offers quite a range of single-family home prices

For our ongoing series Homes in the Range, real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX is taking a close look at sales prices ranges in different Austin neighborhoods.

Today's price comparison is for Barton Hills, the southwest-central area that runs in that direction from Lady Bird Lake along Zilker Park between MoPac/Barton Springs on the west and Robert E. Lee Road/Rabb Road Rae Dell Avenue and South Lamar to the east, capping off at highways 290 and 71 on the southwest.

According to NeighbhorhoodX, the average asking price for properties currently listed in Barton Hills is $355 per square foot.

Closer analysis reveals the range for individual properties in the neighborhood spans $211/sq.ft. (3209 Barton View Drive) to $496/square foot for a designed but unbuilt home (2902 Cedarview Drive).

To put these numbers in context, on a square-foot basis, the average price in Barton Hills falls between that of between Holly ($335/square foot) and Old West Austin ($390/square foot).

On the low end, the most affordable properties in Barton Hills ($211/square foot ) fall between those in Old West Austin ($208/square foot) and Brentwood ($219/square foot)

On the high end of the range ($496/square foot), the Barton Hills properties are priced comparably to those in Holly ($491/square foot) or West University ($485/square foot.)

You can view the full, interactive NeighborhoodX chart below.

Austin Homes in the Range: Barton Hills [NeighborhoodX]