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Unique 1947 Wilshire Wood House Is Someone's Dream Home

It might be a love-or-hate thing, but it's asking only $658K

This large home (3,197 square feet, three bedrooms, three bathrooms) looks like a find for some and a nightmare others, due to its almost aggressively interesting design. It's also listed at a low price for its location—a cul-de-sac in Wilshire Wood, an established central-city neighborhood that borders Patterson Park near I-35 and Airport Boulevard.

It might be a fixer to some (the listing says it was remodeled in 2007), and we don't know the structural details; for others, it's a fantastic find with compelling design features (stone-faced partition walls, fireplace, sunken rooms, apparent lack of any trim or molding) and an open, airy layout.

The two-story main house is located on an extensive fenced yard with mature trees and a creek. A small bridge leads to an unfinished, stand-alone workshop/studio on the property.

4214 Wilshire Parkway [Skout]