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Austin Housing Market Still One of the Hottest in the Country

Sizeable number of homes sell within two weeks

While it’s not quite as frantic as those late-1990s days, when home offers often had to be made and accepted within minutes of a house’s hitting the market, one study finds Austin homes are some of the 20 fastest-selling in the country these days.

According to an algorithm developed by real estate brokerage Redfin to predict how fast a home will sell, more than half of Austin homes for sale in April—52.6%—found a buyer within two weeks.

While Austin was 14th on the chart, Denver, Portland, and Seattle took the top three places. Usually thought of having one of—if not the—hottest markets in the country, San Francisco, with 43% of homes predicted for a two-week sale did not rank in the top 20 of Redfin’s chart.

In Denver, a typical home found a buyer 10 days after going on the market, while in Seattle and Portland, the number was eight days.

Denver, Seattle and Portland are the Hottest Housing Markets of 2016 [Redfin]