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All This Fab Barton Creek Beach House Needs Is an Ocean

Mod contemporary with sweeping views asks $2.92M

The listing for this 7,206-square-foot home calls it a "perfect fusion of Malibu and West Palm Beach," but we're not really seeing the Malibu part. The curvy layout, the vast expanses of white space, and the palm trees just outside the panorama-admitting wall of windows just say "tropical" somehow.

That's a minor quibble, though, since it's overlooking the hills of Barton Creek, as well as a back yard that contains a waterfall, pool, spa, Koi pond, and multi-leveled decks. The emphasis is on that view, but the interior, which has four bedrooms and six bathrooms, is cool, peaceful, and inviting as well.

3304 Barton Creek Boulevard [Estately]