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City Environmental Board Denies Grove at Shoal Creek Superiority Rating, Possibly Delaying Development

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Controversial project plows on nevertheless

A controversial proposed development in North Central Austin has failed to get the approval of the city’s Environmental Commission, Austin Business Journal reported Thursday. According to the Journal, the Commission voted to deny The Grove at Shoal Creek a superiority rating for a planned unit development after a lengthy and contentious discussion and a public hearing.

The motion made by Vice Chair Peggy Maceo, reported the Journal, specified issues with drainage, tree preservation, parkland dedication, and sustainability. The denial of the rating, the article explained, means the developer will have to take a more traditional path through the zoning process, which could delay the project further.

The head of ARG Bull Creek, the Grove’s developer, told the Journal he was moving forward to the next step, which is a hearing before the Zoning and Platting Commission June 21 meeting, with final approval ultimately to be determined by the City Council.

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