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Austin’s Most and Least Expensive Home Prices This Month, by Neighborhood

From Downtown to Bee Cave

In an ongoing series for Curbed Austin, real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX is taking a close look at sales price ranges in different neighborhoods. Today, after more number crunching, it has issued a report that consolidates the average and range of home sales asking prices for the neighborhoods it covered in June.

For the neighborhoods covered in this analysis, the price range for Austin ranged from $124/square foot (the most affordable property in Bee Cave) to $1,658/square foot (the most expensive property in Downtown).

When looking at the average price by neighborhood, for the areas in this analysis, prices ranges from a neighborhood average of $164/square foot (Bee Cave) to $562/square foot (Downtown).

You can view the full, interactive chart at the link below.

Austin Homes in the Range: Consolidated price ranges (June 2016) [NeighborhoodX]