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1920 Bungalow With Lovely Backyard in Holly Asks $515K

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Comfy Eastside digs

We were a little ambivalent about this East Austin home at first. It was built in 1920 and has retained some of its original features (wood floors, French doors), but suffers from some of its upgrades (metal-framed windows, contemporary bathroom and kitchen tiles, inappropriate exterior doors) that were no doubt economical and look to be in good shape and doing their jobs just fine.

The bohemian-lite decor is take-it-or-leave it, though it does convey the many possibilities of the light, open rooms. And the three bedrooms seem to be composed of one real bedroom and two common areas separated by French doors (though there is what looks like a real living area as well). The home measures 1,016 square feet and has one bathroom.

The interior all looks workable, just not special; what kept us coming back to it was the exterior. The simple, classic design of the frame structure with a paint job that enhances its charm, combined with the lovely front and back yards, back patio and large entertainment area, and some enhancements we do love—the purposely rusted driveway gate, the corrugated-metal shed/studio in back—won us over.

It's also in a corner lot in the conveniently located, Eastside Holly neighborhood, which so far has maintained its small-scale residential character and seems determined to continue to do so. The asking price is probably based on its appreciation potential rather than its current real value, but think of all the great backyard parties you could have while that's happening.

2201 Canterbury Street [Estately]