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Where to rent in Austin for 4th of July weekend

An AirBnB roundup

If you’re heading to Austin for the upcoming long weekend and haven’t booked a place to stay—or you have friends visiting who are in that situation—there are still plenty of short-term rentals to be had. For this particular weekend (you know, the Fourth of July), we rounded up some choices that would make enjoying the city’s symphony concert and fireworks display on Monday night a breeze.

All of the places below are either within easy walking/biking distance to Vic Mathias/Auditorium Shores, where the main event takes place, and/or have great views of the show. Caveat: If you bring a car, you’ll have parking space, but due to road closures and traffic, you won’t be able to get around the area easily on the afternoon and evening of the Fourth.

↑ This studio apartment is located in Travis Heights, which is uphill from the festivities, so you might be able to see them from there. If not, it’s an easy walk to the lake. The studio has one bed and one bathroom. It’s in an apartment complex, so you’ll have access to pools, a gym, and washing/drying machines ($1.50). $175/night, plus fees.

↑ This apartment in The Catherine, a new high-rise residential building that possibly hits the Fourth trifecta: You can walk to the fireworks event; if this is a picture of the actual unit’s balcony, you’ll have a great view from there; and it has a rooftop bar where you can without a doubt see the explosions in the sky. It’s a one-bedroom in a luxury complex, so you also get to use the pool, gym, and all that stuff. $315/night plus fees.

↑ This apartment is on the bottom floor of a 1930s stone duplex. It’s a one-bedroom, one-bathroom space normally occupied by the owner in the Zilker neighborhood, which is convenient to the fireworks and everything else in South Austin. $150/night plus fees.

↑ This is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment that the listing says can sleep six (with one on the couch or a provided inflatable mattress). Located in the Bouldin neighborhood, it’s highly walkable to downtown, South Austin spots, and the fireworks event in particular. $272/night plus fees.

↑ This upstairs unit in a duplex is dubbed "The French Birdhouse" and is trés adorable as well as just blocks from the fireworks. It’s a two-bedroom, one bathroom unit with hardwood floors, vintage furniture, and a backyard deck. $210/night plus fees.