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Instagram Roundup: The Art of the X-Games

Celebrating the games' Austin swan song in photographs

For two years, the X-Games has come to Austin, bringing with it a bounty of art, energy, and style along with spectacular feats of skateboard, BMX, and MotoX daring and mastery. On Thursday, the Games returned for its third and final year in the city. It wouldn't be right to let it go without a little Instagram appreciation.

Day 2 of competition. #xgames #bmxdirt

A photo posted by Nicholas Rexford (@nicholasjrexford) on

Last one...for now #gnar #xgames

A photo posted by Dave Engelthaler (@daveengelthaler) on

#XGames Austin 2016 #grafitti

A photo posted by Victor M Ayala - Tito (@vm.ayala) on

Some @leandro_overall goodness from today's @xgames practice. @jeffzphoto #bmx #dirt #xgames #austin #texas

A photo posted by GT BMX (@gtbmxfreestyle) on