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Midcentury Modern A.D. Stenger Home Quietly Hits Austin Market for $750K

It's too bad that whoever created this listing didn't spring for better pictures or any description of the house or property. If not for our Austin-modern go-to real estate site, CreedeFitch, we wouldn't have known this home was designed by A.D. Stenger, one of Austin's most well-regarded and prolific midcentury modern architects.

Stenger is well-known among the sizeable fan club for midcentury Austin design. An architect, builder, and developer, he built more than 100 homes in Austin—often participating hands-on in the construction process. Since he developed several neighborhoods in the city, he's often compared to legendary postwar California developer Joseph Eichler, but, as Fitch points out, Eichler wasn't an architect and contracted designers to realize his vision.

This 1954 Zilker neighborhood home is likely being marketed for its lot value only. Though Fitch points out that it has had the same owner since 1966 and appears to have been well-maintained, it is neither as distinctive as other Stenger homes nor—with three bedrooms and one bathroom in 1,642 square feet—particularly suited to what current buyers are looking for. With proper updating, though, it could be quite the showy specimen for some appreciative buyer.

1808 Treadwell Street [Realty Austin]

1808 Treadwell Street [CreedeFitch]