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This Ivy-Covered Historic Home in Pemberton Heights Can Be Yours for $1.35M

Lovely 1948 landmark dubbed 'The Parsonage' is traditional but not buttoned-up

This 3,008-square-foot, two-story home under a tall canopy of trees is a model of restrained traditional postwar architecture rendered in brick and covered in ivy—the latter a decidedly unusual feature in this part of the state.

Located in the lovely, long-established Pemberton Heights section of Old West Austin, the house is a city historic landmark called "The Parsonage." It has five bedroom and three bathrooms, along with hardwood floors throughout and a "beach-entry" pool with inviting vintage appeal.

The home was extensively, and somewhat blandly, remodeled in 2003, but it looks like the original floor plan and many original features are largely intact. is a historically designated home (tax benefits) in Pemberton Heights. It feeds to renowned Casis Elementary.