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High & Low: Austin’s Most and Least Expensive Homes Sold This Week

A gorgeous Zilker contemporary and a not-bad West Campus condo bookend the week

It's time again for the High & the Low, a Curbed Austin column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in Austin in the last seven days. (Sales information gathered from Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.) How far did the pendulum swing this week, and what did it hit?

This Kinney Avenue home is one of the first ones Curbed Austin ever profiled. That’s because it’s fabulous. The house itself is all glass, textured concrete, blond wood, and style to burn. In back is on to a meandering patio and a peaceful, unfussy garden. The showstopper? A rooftop deck with an incredible view of downtown and the city, perfectly hidden and private among the oaks.

Located in the desirable Zilker neighborhood, the home was listed for $3.2 million in November 2015. Its price was cut in March and then again in May 2016, to $2.4 million, where it stayed until June 27, when it sold for $2,402,500.

The least expensive home sold this week was, no surprise, a condominium unit. Also no surprise is that it is located smack-dab in UT’s West Campus area, where the annual shedding of graduating seniors’ condos takes place about this time.

The one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo listed on May 5 for $149,000. It was a price point apparently low enough not to require removal of the Minecraft and Friends (Friends?) posters in listing photos, but overall the place looks above par and just fine for a student condo.

After just under two months on the market, it sold in on June 28 for $143,000.

601 Kinney Avenue [Redfin]

2107 Rio Grande Street Apt. 5 [Redfin]