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Traditional Old West Austin Home With Bold Makeover Asks $949K

1938 classic gets fun update

This 1938 house in Pemberton Heights, though nicely maintained and pleasant, isn't particularly eye-catching from the front. Inside and in back, though, there's a party going on.

At 1,447 square feet, it's modest by the standards of its neighborhood, but it has a classic, well-maintained designed that is enhanced by the rich, colorful interior design, which updates some traditional tropes.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home looks to have nicely updated bathroom and kitchen finishes, and its location on Westover is convenient but far enough from major arteries for that part of the street to be too busy.

Another happy surprise is the back yard, which is perfectly landscaped and designed for entertaining and relaxing, with a pool, deck, gravel patio, grass yard, covered carport/pavilion/dance floor, and privacy provided by tall, informal hedges.

1603 Westover Road [Redfin]