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South Austin Bungalow Inspires Bohemian Dreams

1938 home with original features asks $575K

An early-20th-century vintage home in Bouldin Creek that hasn't been remodeled within an inch of its life is a rare thing. This one fits the bill, with original doors, floors, windows, and even cabinets dating from its 1938 build.

The three-bedroom, one-bathroom frame home measures 1,205 square feet and is very much in the cottage style, with a couple of matching, peaked overhangs sporting simple trim in front. There's a fireplace that all signs point to being unusable, but it's nice stone nonetheless.

The fairly generous backyard has a patio, green space, and a sort of rambling series of structures, some of which look like they are meant for entertaining.

All this on a street of similar homes, tucked between South First and South Lamar, not far from the lake.

813 Christopher Street [Estately]