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Mueller and County Reach Agreement in Property Tax Appraisal Lawsuit

Pending homeowner approval, affordable home appraisals to be restored

A lawsuit filed by three homeowners in central Austin’s Mueller community has reached a conclusion that should result in lower property taxes for some of that development’s residents.

According to local media outlets including Austin Business Journal, Austin Monitor, and The Austin Chronicle, the Mueller Foundation and the Travis Central Appraisal District came to an agreement this week.

In the lawsuit, filed last year, the homeowners charged that their properties had been appraised at market value, rather than values based on what they had paid for the homes through a city affordable housing program, explained the Austin Business Journal in a Tuesday article.

An agreement that the homes would be appraised at below market value was reached earlier this week, according to ABJ. The Austin Chronicle reported that, pending affected homeowners’ approval, the Mueller program that requires master developer Catellus Development Group is required to reserve 25 percent of the homes it builds in the community for affordable housing will continue.

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