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Austin Ranked in the Top 10 Most Mobile-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

Google Fiber helps

With everyone wandering around playing Pokémon Go out there, this should be obvious, but now there’s a study to back it up: Austin is the 10th most mobile-friendly city in the country, according to a report by NerdWallet.

To come up with the list, the financial information site analyzed carrier performance, access to customer service and technology support, local adoption, taxes, and crime in 50 large cities across the United States.

Austin’s Google FIber networks and consequent fast upload speeds boosted its score quite a bit; wireless tax rates are average, but we do have quite a few mobile stores per capita.

California ran away with the list, with four cities in the top 10, though Atlanta ranked number one. Houston, at number six, was the only other Texas city on the list.

You can see the full list at the link below.

Top Mobile-Friendly U.S. Cities [NerdWallet]