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New Vulcan Video South Opens Its Doors

Austin institution regroups, relocates, and, after a fashion, reopens

It doesn’t seem that long ago (April, in fact) when we were reporting that the Elizabeth Street building where beloved local institution Vulcan Video had long stood had been torn down. Fans of the store, which had been meeting Austin’s movie rental needs since the 1980s, were first mystified, then briefly bereft (though the store’s North Loop outlet remained, and remains, fully operation).

Luckily for everyone, Vulcan found a space further south, just off on Ben White Boulevard. Now, according to the store’s website, the happy day of its reopening has arrived.

Now open at 4411 Russell Drive (next to Blazer Tag), the store is back to peddling its special brand of cult, foreign, classic films—as well as, you know, the regular stuff, including new releases. And not to worry: The store took its video collection along for the move.

Vulcan Video South

4411 Russell Dr, Austin, TX 78745