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NLand Surf Park Sues County Over Permit Issue

Dispute over unresolved lagoon issue heats up

surf test site with Wavegarden sign Wavegarden/Facebook

After learning last week that the Travis County Commissioners Court has authorized lawyers to sue the operators of the Austin NLand Surf Park park currently under construction, the park’s owners have filed filed a lawsuit against "the County, its health department, and the individuals on the Court," it relayed in a press statement.

The county and the park have been butting heads over NLand’s proposed 13-acre lagoon, the featured part of its a 130-acre facility under construction on Highway 71 at Navarro Road, for a several months. County commissioners maintain that the lagoon needs to meet permitting standards for a swimming pool, while NLand representatives argue that the rainwater-fed lagoon more closely resembles a lake.

NLand’s statement asserts that it is taking the county court to protect its constitutional rights and that county officials have refused to "engage in conversation," instead trying to inflame it by suggesting "we could have amoebas in our lagoon. If they're so concerned about amoebas, you'd think they would take a look at the studies or talk to us about our water treatment systems."

NLand Surf Park

5478 Navarro Creek Rd, Del Valle, TX 78617, USA