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Imaginative, Vintage Home in Secluded Highland Park West Asks $640K

Split-level surrounded by greenery

Nestled in the foothills west and north of MoPac, adjacent to Alladanle but east of 2222, the Highland Park West neighborhood is one that, if not exactly a secret, causes Old Austinites a slight hesitation before divulging its location.

The home are solid, usually built between the 1950s and 1980s, and, while not ostentatious, impressive in their classic quality. The mature oaks and landscaping underscore the sense of stability, and the streets meander in a way that can make you feel, or actually get, a little lost, in a good way.

This home on a hillside cul-de-sac is both typical of the area and unusual in its style. The 2,577-square-foot split-level has an unassuming if lovely entrance that opens up into an airy space that focuses on the big back living area and yard, with a stone patio, lush landscaping, and towering tree canopy.

The three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home also has finished-out lower level with bathroom and separate entrance and a backyard cottage with stained-glass window.

5100 Ridgmoor Drive [Redfin]