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Pokemon Go Austin: Tips, Hacks, Dos, and Don’ts

How to catch more of ‘em while staying safe and civil

Pikachu found Sadie Hernandez/Flickr

In covering the Pokémon Go phenomenon these past two weeks, we’ve come across some tips for how and where to catch more of them, as well as how to stay out of trouble on the hunt. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Take the bus (sometimes). While Pokémon Go has helped people get up, get out, and get a better sense of the city, a few people have noticed that one great way to hit architectural spots and catch more Pokémon is by jumping on public transit. The slow buses on Guadalupe, by UT, and Lavaca are said to be some of the best for catching Pokemon at all the business and university buildings you pass. That said, gym battles are best won while on foot.

Parks rule, but know park rules. We (and some of our readers) found out the hard way that some seemingly public parks, especially in the suburbs, are actually private and for use of the surrounding community’s use only. Also important: Most public parks have curfews, and police officers do enforce them.

Night (and early morning) time is the right time. Though we discourage use of public parks after curfew, nighttime Pokémon Go play can be more fruitful. And, given that it’s the height of Austin’s summer, early mornings and evenings are more easily survived as well. That said, be careful: team up with other players rather than going it alone, be extra-aware of nighttime traffic, stay in lighted areas, and follow the usual etiquette about staying off personal property.

Go to the water for water creatures. Seems obvious, but we’ve seen this tip pop up on Twitter and Reddit, so why not pass it on? But be careful not to wander into the water by mistake, as some players have done.

Be a good sport (and neighbor) by using a Lure Module (you can spot them via the cascade of signature pink petals) at the Poke Stops in your neighborhood.

Actually read the info that the Poke Stop has to tell you. You will learn so much about your city from this game.

Don’t play Pokémon Go in cemeteries, synagogues, churches, hospitals, or memorials. If you accidentally wander into one, politely tuck your phone into your pocket and quietly see yourself out. Some disagree with this policy, especially when it comes to cemeteries; if you’re one of them, at least be respectful of graves and the people who are there to visit them.