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Here’s How Much Homes Cost in the Dawson Neighborhood Right Now

South Austin convenience and charm have their price

In an ongoing series for Curbed Austin, real-estate analytics site NeighborhoodX is taking a close look at sales price ranges in different neighborhoods. Today, it’s checking out numbers in Dawson, as it also did in June.

As we wrote in June, Dawson is bordered on the south on Ben White Boulevard and on the north by West Oltorf Street and runs between South Congress Avenue on the east and South First Street to the west.

Like most South Austin areas, it was primarily a working-class neighborhood with small- to medium-sized homes for most of its existence. Many of the homes and some of the people are still there, now mixed with newer, sometimes larger houses. It’s also within walking distance of the ever-increasing shopping and entertainment options on South Congress and South First.

The current average listing price in Dawson is $297 per square foot, but the individual properties that make up that average range from $235/square foot (509 Lightsey Road, a 7,058-square-foot, two-story house) to $491/square foot (a four-bedroom, single-family home at 115 Frederick Street).

A close look at two listings at 3110 South Congress Avenue—Unit 304 in the not-yet-built condo building is a studio asking $375/square foot, while Unit 202 is a two-bedroom asking $285/square foot—”highlights one of our favorite insights,” said NeighborhoodX’s Constantine Valhouli. "And this is that smaller apartments often sell for more on a per-square-foot basis than larger apartments in the same building or neighborhood."

You can check out the full, interactive chart at the NeighborhoodX link below.

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