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A 1970s Designer Home to Love and Cherish Asks $899K

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There's something about a specimen

Not everyone loves 1970s design. Nor does everyone love a house that "could use some TLC." We're aware, and unconcerned, due to our unconditional and undying love for this Cat Mountain home.

The 3,966-square-foot, four-bedroom wonder was designed by local architecture royal John Fitzpatrick and built 1972 by its original, and only, owner. If it weren't for a few signs of obvious wear and tear (and it looks to be in great shape in general), it could have been preserved in amber that year.

Note, for instance, the gorgeously showcased spiral stairs, the period pendant lamps, the interior brick wall with pass-through fireplace. Then there are the three and a half bathrooms: bold and unafraid of pattern and color (is that pink marble?). There's also the wallpaper, the paneling, the parquet floors, the carpeted sunroom with sliding glass doors. We could go on forever.

Outside are long decks, porches, and patios overlooking the hilly woods that stop just short of the property, which measures .41 acres. Oh, and it's on a cul-de-sac. Seriously, what's not to love?

6304 Belo Horizonte Circle [Redfin]