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Midcentury modernist architect’s iconic former home asks $1.4M

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Classic 1954 design by Herbert Crume asks $1.4M

2603 La Ronde Drive
2603 La Ronde Drive
Austin Home Match

Austin’s midcentury modern fans (who are legion, apparently) have no doubt noticed the opportunities to purchase some mid-mod real estate of their own that have popped up lately. While many of the homes of the era on the market don’t fit the style or need quite a bit of restoration, others are in great shape—either impeccably restored or virtual time capsules.

It’s hard to tell from photos how much of this 1954 Allandale home is restored and how much is simply well-kept, and that’s a good thing. In any case, it’s a gorgeous study of midcentury style and gracious but casual living, indoors and out.

The 1,920-square-foot home was inspired by the California case-study movement and designed by Austin architect Herbert Crume for his family. Crume was a UT graduate; he studied in Chicago before joining Austin’s high-profile Fehr and Granger firm, who designed and built many of Austin’s midcentury gems. He later became a partner at Jessen Associates

The three bedroom, two-bathroom home is sited on nearly three-quarters of an acre in a cul-de-sac located above Shoal Creek. The owners have preserved the exposed steel frame, old-growth redwood ceilings and extensive areas of brick, as well as the glass walls and doors that open on to the expansive backyard and pool.

2603 La Ronde Drive [Austin Home Match]