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Spiffily updated Hyde Park cottage asks $995K

Nicely renovated central-city classic

Well, well, well, what we have here is the classic 1928 Hyde Park bungalow, remodeled not once but twice (2005 and 2014). Located on a quiet spot of 43rd Street, right where Eilers Avenue dead-ends, it’s in a quiet part of a deceptively happening neighborhood.

The listing for this two-story home is in all-caps and doesn’t skip on exclamation points, so we know it’s kind of a big deal. And, actually, it kind of is: It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms in 2,368 square feet and some pretty sweet-looking updates.

Featured on the cover of Austin Monthly in the past, it’s on a corner lot on aforementioned quiet street, walking distance to Mother’s, Hyde Park Bar & Grill and whatnot, and in general in a good place to enjoy the leafy-treed good life of Hyde Park.

In addition, there’s a Viking stove, wood floors, crown molding, open kitchen, and potential for a garage apartment and pool under the 500-year-old oak trees covering an outdoor kitchen in the backyard.