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Special house for a special owner asks $299K

1970 build with Art Moderne stylings and lake views

We wish the interior of this home were more consistent with the Art Moderne style—a strain of Art Deco that emerged in the 1930s (see: City of Austin signs on the former Seaholm Power plant)—of its exterior, but considering it was built in 1970, it’s understandable that the builders had to adapt to the times.

At any rate, the special style of the 2,114-square-foot home will no doubt appeal to many. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms; the master opens onto a large balcony overlooking Lake Travis (which at least justifies the nautical theme).

It’s also on deep, fairly large log, with backyard sitting areas, gardens, and outbuildings.

5804 Beacon Drive [Redfin]

Lake Travis

, Austin, TX 78734