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Midcentury modern home by Arthur Fehr could be demolished

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The 1951 Tarrytown house is being marketed for lot value only—$995K

This lovely and classic midcentury home in Tarrytown, built in 1951, was designed by Arthur Fehr, half of Fehr & Granger (F&G), which was one of Austin’s most significant and influential architecture firms in from the late 1940s through the early 1960s.

Austinites for the most part cherish their Fehr & Granger designs—but not always. As real estate pro and modern enthusiast Creede Fitch (on whose site we discovered this listing), this particular one is marketed without any details about the house. (Fitch provides them from an earlier listing: 1,875 square feet, two bedrooms, two bathrooms.) Only the lot, its asking price—$975,000—and its convenient location are part of the listing, by Trask Investments.

That’s too bad, since it clearly signals to buyers that they’d be better off bulldozing the house and starting anew than renovating one of the city’s modernist treasures. Hopefully, it will find a buyer who feels differently.