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1920s Eastside bungalow in unique small-home project asks $435K

Six similar cottages planned for cozily spaced Canterbury Square

This 840-square-foot renovated home is part of an interesting reclamation project of sorts. Built in 1926, it’s surrounded by six similar bungalows on one city block that are being revived into a sort of planned mini-community called Canterbury Square.

Located in the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood adjacent to Downtown, the development has the look and feel of what was a typical East Austin community at the time the houses were originally built. The small homes are separate properties situated in close proximity to one another, with front porches and backyards providing opportunities to interact with neighbors in what could become (or again become) a close-knit demi-neighborhood.

The price of owning in the kind of space that originally arose out of necessity, due to the modest means of its homeowners and occupants, seems a bit steep, though the homes are certainly charming.

Renovated by Loved Homes & Sentell Solutions and designed by Burton Page Design, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage retains the spirit of the original with hardwood floors and shiplap siding, vaulted ceilings, and an intact, original brick chimney; it also has a private backyard—appropriate for a space that’s basically Downtown’s backyard.