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New photos of midcentury master A.D. Stenger’s ‘Butterfly House,’ asking $1.4M

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Beloved modernist treasure

The Butterfly House
The Butterfly House
Andrea Calo

Last week, we dropped the news, courtesy of Creede Fitch, that one of Austin’s midcentury modern masterpieces by a famed architect of the era—the "Butterfly House" designed by A.D. Stenger—would soon be listed for sale. Now it's official, and we have new photos from inside the home, which had not been photographed in a few years.

Butterfly House Andrea Calo

Stenger is well-known among the sizable fan club for midcentury Austin design. An architect, builder, and developer, he built more than 100 homes in Austin—often participating hands-on in the construction process.

Since he developed several neighborhoods in the city, he's often compared to legendary postwar California developer Joseph Eichler, but, as listing agent and Austin modernist champion Fitch points out, Eichler wasn't an architect and had to contract with designers to realize his vision.

Stenger designed and built the Butterfly House, named for its undulating roofline, in 1964. It got a period-conscious update in 2013, helmed by architects Rick and Cindy Black.

The renovation was was featured in Dwell magazine, which included before-and-after photos—and on

The home measures 2,694 square feet and has four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms—pretty substantial in size for a house of its era.

Fitch was kind enough to provide some new photos of the residence, which his company quietly put on the market Tuesday and listed on the MLS later in the week.

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