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Megabus set to open new terminal near downtown, Capitol

Company will convert old gas station

Megabus, the private transportation company that offers budget-conscious express service among Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio—and to more than 120 cities across the country—is preparing to open a station in downtown Austin soon, the Austin Business Journal reported recently.

The company has been loading and unloading passengers in a parking lot at 2002 Whitis Avenue, near the University of Texas campus, since 2012, according to the Journal, but a spokesman told the business magazine that it aims to move to a former gas station at 1500 San Jacinto Boulevard—it’s that cute yellow-and-red one with the green enameled brick under the service window, on the corner at East 15th Street—to be closer to downtown.

Residents in an apartment complex near Megabus’ new site opposed the change early in the planning process, but the company prevailed at City Council, agreeing to abide by residence-friendly rules, ABJ reported.

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