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Buy a nostalgic lake house experience with these adorable cabins

Two small 1952 houses per parcel, asking $799K total

Words cannot describe the delight we experienced when coming across this listings, so a squeal or two will have to do. Sure, these pint-sized lake cottages aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but some of us prefer the fantasy-nostalgia vibe of these sweet, humble abodes; they say "lake home" to us more than any window-walled, infinity-pooled McLakeMansion ever could.

The listing is a little confusing, but it seems to indicate that one parcel of land with two of the cabins is offered for $799,000 (there’s a total of eight cabins on four parcels, and it looks like each parcel is sold separately). Is that a lot? Maybe, but you can’t put a price on summer bliss (plus, you can rent them out when you’re not there).

The two cottages, built in 1952, are on a little more than a quarter-acre of land and are one-bedroom, one-bathroom units measuring 1,218 square feet. They’re a short walk to Lake Austin, half a mile from a public boat ramp and close to public parks, and a short drive to Lake Travis.