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All this waterfront home needs is some ‘Scarface’ posters

It has a wall-sized aquarium, which is a great start

There was a cultural moment not too terribly long ago when two things were essential to the true baller house: 1) framed posters from the cocaine-themed insanity that was the movie Scarface, and 2) an elaborate, structurally integrated aquarium full of baby sharks.

This house in the Island in Mount Bonnell community, on the market for $6.45 million, doesn’t appear to have the posters or sharks in its prominent, designer aquarium, but it does look like it wouldn’t be out of place on MTV’s Cribs show (another throwback reference, so sorry not sorry, plus it’s apparently coming back in Snapchat form).

The private estate, perched on a hill and set in the high tree canopy shading the Hill Country and lake views (or something) includes a 1999 main house (7,221 square feet), gym (687 square feet), casita (495 square feet), and a four-plus- car-garage.

Oh, but what are the pleasures that await you behind the 175 feet of cypress-lined canal? The interior features plaster walls, a movie theater, and that 10,000-gallon saltwater aquarium we are all highly aware of at this point.

Add to that a stunning pool, jacuzzi, and cabana with a swim-up bar, yes, it’s true. There are views from multiple terraces; a lush, one-acre lot with a waterfall; and a waterfront casita with two slip boat dock and jet skis spaces. And, yeah, a great yard for the kids, too. Seriously, what kinda kid wouldn’t like this? Especially the grown-up kind.