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10 fetching Instagram photos of Austin beating the heat

What we do when it’s 102

While most sensible people (with air conditioning) have been spending the recent string of 100-plus degree days inside as much as possible, there are always a few mavericks who venture into the hellfire that is August in Austin. Then, of course, there are the stray zoo animals who don’t have an air conditioned den to which to retreat. Here are a few photos of the ingenious ways they survive (strongly suggested: night swimming). Plus a few pictures of cute dogs on floats because why not.

Moss-stache #puns #35mm

A photo posted by Evan Adamson (@evan.adamson) on

Movie night was fun

A photo posted by Deep Eddy Pool (@deepeddypool) on

Rule #4: don't drown #jawsonthewater #sundayfunday #austinsummer @joeofsnark @saraskirboll @laureneliset

A photo posted by Cara ✈️ॐ✨ (@caracaulkins) on